Berlin im Winter

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Long cold winter nights, intimate and cosy...

Berlin im Winter, what can be said about this city that has not been said before. Loved by some, loathed by others, one thing everybody agrees to is Berlin is an experience. And such is the perfume that pays tribute to the city! When I started working on the perfume I was opting to make something like a darker version of Indigo for personal use. Alas as the project developed, the perfume became truly one of its own right. Retro in a unmistakably modern way, it is the rebel who answers to no one, a unique beautiful soul that's full of surprises, uncompromising but with a gentle heart. If one should need to put a label on it, it would sit somewhere between an old-school fougère, a gourmand and a heavy oriental.

Luca Turin on Baruti in Perfume is Love: "Even in the sensory mayhem of Esxence, it was clear to me that 1- These compositions were something special and 2- So was the perfumer". ..

"When all the smelling strips are out, the one that sings the Big Tune is my favorite, Berlin im Winter, a wonderful accord of lavender, cassis, mastiha (lentisque) and rose." 


Cassis, Lavender, Mastic oil (Chios), Rose, Iris, Plum, Myrrh, Frankincense, Coffee, Whisky, NOOUD, Amber, Tonka bean, Leather.


"This is what my dreams smell like, I make personal and immediate perfumes. Deceptively playful, rooted in the unconscious, perplexing the senses, like kaleidoscopic explosions of beauty. They can blow you away." Spyros Drosopoulos

Baruti means gunpowder in the Greek and Arab language (μπαροuτι): 
special scent explosions, explosive and unexpected, caught in a compact flacon as 30 ml extrait de parfum. Baruti is the label of the Dutch-Greek perfumer, Spyros Drosopoulos, introduced in 2015. With these beautiful creations Spyros has consolidated himself as a truly innovative avant-garde nose!


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Een geur die net als Berlijn zelf moeilijk in eenvoudige woorden te vatten is.

Deze geur springt er in een line-up van parfums onmiddellijk uit, en dit is ook de reden waarom ik er zou van hou. Voor dergelijke speciallekes, zoals we iets bijzonders in België noemen, moet je echt bij Annindriya en de drie meiden zijn. Wel eerst samplen, want dit is niet doorsnee, en dus ook niet voor iedereen

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