The stay-home favourites of Tanja

In these unusual weeks, like you, I am much more at home than ever before. I experience that scents give me a familiar and comfortable feeling. That is why I consciously use certain scents in the house and choose those perfumes for myself that excite me and comfort me.

Which perfumes do that for you? This is my top 6:

From the sunny carefree Cedrat Intense by Patricia de Nicolai, to the cheerful Saint Julep by Imaginary Authors (I always smell delicious biscuit in this ...). Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi I wear like a second skin and a comfy cardigan, for me L'Eau de Circe stands for friendly straightforwardness.
Blask is a perfume that is so complex and I take time to really dive into its scent profile and get to know it. The high-quality Amber Classico Modern from The Zoo turns our bedroom into a luxurious hotel room.

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