Oudh, oud, agarwood in perfumes

Oudh, oud, agarwood

Oudh is a fascinating type of wood extracted from the tropical tree Agar Aquilaria. Because the Aquilaria is so rare and the process of resin formation and harvesting so complex, Oudh is one of the most precious types of woods in the world. 

The most commonly used name is the Arabic Oudh or Oud. In English, the term agarwood is used, which originates from Latin. Other Latin based names include: aquilaria, agar, aloewood, and agalocha. In Japanese it is referred to as jinko or kyara.

See below for all the perfumes in our shop in which the ingredient oudh is being used. If you want to know more about how this fascinating and intriguing ingredient smells or how it is extracted, then you can read more in our scent stories blog regarding oudh.


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