Petitgrain is the essential oil extracted from the leaf and sometimes the twigs of a citrus tree. There are several varieties of petitgrain; Petitgrain bigarade distilled from the bitter orange tree, Petitgrain mandarin from the tangerine tree and Petitgrain citronnier from the lemon tree. These all have their own scent character.

Although petitgrain comes from the same tree as neroli and bitter orange, each of these products has its own character. Neroli is made from the blossom and the bitter orange oil comes from the peel of the fruit. Petitgrain thus comes from the leaves and twigs of the citrus fruit tree.

Petitgrain is widely used in perfumes for its fresh and deep woody character. It is especially used in colognes because they were always used in warm countries to disinfect and refresh.

How does it smell?
Full, citrusy, zesty, tangy bitter, greenish, woody, slightly tart

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