Francesca Bianchi

The Dark Side

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Warm, creamy and soft, intimate and mysterious. 

A fragrance made by and for the perfumer! "This is my dark side, and many others' too". Francesca.
In 2016 The Dark Side won the Adjiumi Award for the Best Niche perfume  (international).

Fragrance journalist Sergey Borisov: "It reminds me of museum masterpieces, old houses and alleys in Florence, the dust and the patina of history. And if you wait long enough, you will find that the perfume is not dark – it’s powdery sweet, like an ionone-labdanum-musk accord."


honey, iris, violets, sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, amber, styrax, benzoin, incense,  patchouli, vanilla


Francesca Bianchi

"Made by Italian hands", a beautiful statement to describe this brand of Amsterdam-based and self-taught perfumer Francesca Bianchi. 

The Italian perfumer Francesca Bianchi brought three scents to the market in 2016. These perfumes amazed many people and a series of positive reviews followed. Luca Turin rated her Angel's Dust with 4 stars, which sure is not nothing for a starting perfumer!

At the age of 28, her fascination for essential oils started. This grew out to be a true passion which she converted into creating perfumes. With pride she develops her scents. From the first draft, to the sticking on of the labels, she does everything herself, with her Italian hands, in her atelier in Amsterdam.

We enjoy working together with this extremely passionate and crafty perfumer. With great pleasure we can reveal Cuir Soyeux, a limited edition creation by Francesca, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.


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Customer Reviews

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Enchantment in the forest.

I was looking for a nice non-church-like incense smell, but The Dark Side is so much more than that. Incense and styrax are very clearly present, but the honey and cedar make it feel like you are walking in a soothing pine forest. The sweet resins and the amber are enchanting. And then you suddenly smell the smoke of a smoldering cedar wood fire. The purest form magic. For the first time ever a perfume moved me to tears. I am a forest person and this is exactly the scent that I always hoped could once again be captured in a perfume. I therefore thank Francesca very much.

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