eau de cologne


100% natural cologne of the Spanish brand Bravanariz.

Its composition is based on an original formula 100% natural from the grandfather of Ernesto Collado (founder and perfumer), which he created for his grandmother in 1923. He never launched the cologne into the market, but it helped making his grandmother fall in love with him for life and perfumed his family for years. 

"On this citrus base, typically Spanish, we have worked to give our personal feral touch, adding pine and juniper and playing with tinctures and hydrolates from rosemary collected wildly in their natural environment. The result is a friendly and familiar cologne as well as original. Recognizable and surprising at the same time, it transports you to the countryside and conveys the same feeling of freshness and well-being as a morning walk in the mountains." 

Its 100% natural composition, made from essential oils of the highest quality, extracted from plants, fruits and wood, helps you reconnect with nature of which we are part. That is why we call it familiar, because in addition to being for everyone, it feels familiar and produces a pleasant sensation of belonging to our environment and our planet. Its condition of Eau de Cologne, soft and light, allows you to enjoy its natural benefits at any time of your day to day life.

It is certainly the easiest way to wear the landscape. The “character”, created by the artist Joan Tarragó (collaborator of the brand since its inception and designer of its logo) for labels, perfectly represents the spirit of the cologne; It is inspired by the traditional characters of some rural and mountainous regions of Europe. In Spain, we have the mossy men of Béjar or the zarramacos of Siló and Mecerreyes. But there are many more in Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Finland. There is a beautiful book entitled Wilder Mann, by Charles Fréger that photographically illustrates these curious characters who play long forgotten keys inside us. These "wild men", covered with plants or with animal skins, represent and celebrate our ancient link with the wild, our forgotten communion with Nature. SILVESTRE wants to bring this relationship closer to the general public, and wants to achieve, through smell (our most primitive and animal sense) a greater connection with our environment.


100% natural: rosemary, lavender, pine, juniper, orange, lemon, tangerine, bergamot, petitgrain, neroli.


"I want to formulate with my hands, I want to get dirty, to touch and smell, to really follow my nose and have a much more intimate and primitive relationship with nature."


Bravanariz means 'brave nose' in Spanish. The subtitle 'smelling wild' indicates exactly what perfumer Ernesto Collado Sala does: literally capturing the natural scents of the untouched landscape during his walks in north-east Spain.

With the collected fragrances, he makes 100% natural and unfiltered perfumes. In the 'Landscape Scents' series he captures three places and seasons.


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