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A fantastic sensuous scent: warm, amber-like, animalic, and intense...

A lively, versatile and surprising love potion, deep and dark. Musk Tonkin by Parfum d'Empire transforms itself on the skin and exalts it. The sweet warmth of candied fruit contrasts with the dirty notes of animalic musks. The creaminess of honey and tender leather, soft as wax, evokes associations with the skin, heated by pleasure. The mossy depth of a beloved body, as dark as the blackest ink. A trace of salt for the taste of the skin. An intoxicating wave of flowers, lest we forget that the perfume is the link between our body and the erotic magic of nature. Musc Tonkin brings the ancient tradition of the love elixirs back to life.

Tonkin musk is an acclaimed musk strain of ancestral origin. This rich, foul odor is secreted by the male moschus deer from its gonads. Since 1979, the use of this ingredient has been banned. Parfum d'Empire's Musc Tonkin is an animal-friendly feel to this elusive and once hugely popular perfume ingredient.



Een quote van Perfume Posse: "Musc Tonkin opens like a cat in heat, leaving nothing but a gasp for just how rank this thing is. That would have been enough because I love diving into skanky, rank, feral perfume, but it doesn’t stop there, it evolves into something as feral, but more knowing, more sophisticated, showing more of itself it you just work your way past all the things that are either distracting or off-putting.  

Cafleurbon: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato of Parfum D’Empire is one of the most uncompromising perfumers we currently have in the niche community and it is no surprise to me that he would take on the great challenge of making a musk fragrance without using proscribed ingredients.......Musc Tonkin is the equivalent of rolling around in the animalic splendor that is musk. It is intense. It is wonderful. It is a magic trick."

Grain de Musc: "Elegantly indecent."


Parfum d'Empire

A beautiful collection of eau de parfums for both women and men, which tell stories from the scented memories of different cultures.
Parfum d'Empire is the independent brand of quality perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato. Built around authentic and rare ingredients Parfum d'Empire has been building connections between the symbolic values of perfume since 2003. The brand name refers to that noble and rare raw materials loved by ancient civilizations. A wonderful collection Eau de Parfums both for women and men, which narrate memories from different cultures.
Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, of Corsican origin, is born in Morocco. His childhood and youth was divided between the Moroccan countryside - on the land of his parents, in the midst of their citrus plantation - and the Corsican maquis, in the family house in the French town Cuttoli Corticchiato. 
He studied chemical analysis of fragrant plants and attended the prestigious perfumers education ISIPCA at Versailles.
In addition to the creation and management of Parfum d'Empire, he is also a teacher for novice perfumers at ISIPCA. Demanding as he is in the choice of natural plant extracts, he set up a production unit of essential oils in 2000 in Madagascar, which he often visits.


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Musc Tonkin by Parfum d'Empire.

Musc Tonkin is a wonderful but also an exceptional musk fragrance. Full, present with an animal undertone. A fragrance for the enthusiast!

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