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An intensely sunny scent, almost soothing, thanks to the pure essence of the highest quality lavender and a hint of thyme. Yet Paradis Provence is above all an orange blossom perfume: warm, full orange blossom definitely gives this perfume its warm and sunny character. Imagine yourself directly in the South of France in an orchard full of orange blossoms, buzzing bees and the air filled with the scent of the blossoms ...
Paradis Provence was created by Maurice Roucel and is inspired by the "myth" of Provence.

Timeless, elegant, energizing, warm and oh so comfortable.

Shalini about her inspiration for this wonderful fragrance: "Paradis Provence is the essence of the land we call Provence, paradise on earth. Fields of blue lavande, thyme, orange blossoms, sunflowers following the golden Sun, ancient olive trees, the sky that turns pink as it touches the azure of the Mediterranean and amorous nights drenched in jasmine. It catches the solar, healing energy and golden light of thyme.”

Paradis Provence represents the eternal summer, our imagination and our passions.

Cafleurebon about Paradis Provence: "...Shalini Paradis Provence merges the (pre)conceptions of “masculine” and “feminine” fragrance into oblivion; it also accomplishes a remarkable fusion of timeless aromatherapy and contemporary fine perfumery."

Tomorrow and the next day too, we will have days no different from this when the blue and golden moments glide by, days when suspended time stands still, merciful days where shadows come from a drawn curtain, a closed door or leafy trees, and not from an overcast sky.” Colette


Thyme, lavender, orange blossom, jasmine


Maurice Roucel



"The pursuit of beauty and creation is my soul’s greatest desire." - Shalini

This brand is the concept of the Bombay born, haute couture designer Shalini, phonetic SHA-lin-nay. The perfumes of Shalini's were created by the award-winning master perfumer Maurice Roucel. He has only used ingredients of the highest quality and you will experience that immediately.

Shalini started her career as an architect, but her innate fascination with texture, mood and color introduced her to the world of haute couture and haute perfumery. As a child she was surrounded by scents and her scent memories are incorporated in the perfumes.

Shalini about her 'signature scent': "From an early age, my mom introduced me to all the flowers in the garden, the way they grew from bud to full bloom and how their fragrance changed through the passage of the time. Tuberoses were my favorite - they only emitted their gorgeous scent in the evening hours. As a child I would sneak into the garden at night so I could inhale them by the moonlight. "

Jardin Nocturne is an interpretation of the balmy night in Dubai, a sensual oud scent. The most recent fragrance, Amorem Rose, is an ode to love and contains a smoky rose fragrance.

Photo: Shalini Perfume collection in limited edition Lalique crystal bottles. Can be ordered on request.


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