Spell 125

eau de parfum



Sparkling, deep, and dark perfume with lots of frankincense.

Spell 125 opens with a burst of pine. From there its takes you on a trip to a place covered with a magic incense scented veil.

Pine, ambergris, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and black hemlock all contribute to the mesmerizing, haunting spell that is Papillon’s latest creation. But it is green sacra frankincense that is the star here. This green sacra incense is of the highest quality and has a greenish, mossy scent that you can smell in the perfume. Frankincense has long been used in rituals, ceremonies, and in perfumery. It connects the lives of humans in past, present, and future generations. Papillon’s Spell 125 is bold, dark, balsamic, and green; a must-try for lovers of incense in perfumes!

Liz Moores about Spell 125: "The longest spell in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, Spell 125, covers the ceremonial process of crossing the underworld to reach the afterlife, including the famous weighing of the heart ceremony, where only a feather-light heart would pass the Gods test. The spell itself is full of visceral and iconic imagery which provided a wealth of inspiration for this perfume. It represents lightness pulled by darkness, and while it steps away from the scorched tar notes that can be found in Anubis, Spell 125 follows the concept from my first perfume and now closes the circle. Everything about this perfume is entwined with magic, history, and mystery. I loved the cyclical nature of creating Spell 125; I began the Papillon collection with a perfume inspired by Ancient Egypt and it has been a pleasure to create something entirely different."


Siberian pine, white ambergris, black hemlock, green sacra frankincense, ylang-ylang, Indian sandalwood


Liz Moores



“When creating a perfume, I think of colours, textures and places. I imagine the people who may wear the fragrance and hope that the perfume will help them conjure their own unique and personal allusions.” - Liz Moores

Papillon was founded in England in 2011 by perfumer Liz Moores. Her fragrances will take you from the mundane to the extraordinary. It is the ultimate expression of luxury, her perfumes are sensual, seductive, glamorous and revealing. Liz uses a high concentration of pure perfume extraits in her creations. 


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