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MEM is een bijzondere, avant-gardistische geur. 'A lavender in disguise', aards, kruidig en moeilijk in een hokje te plaatsen, maar comfortabel om te dragen. 

Deze creatie van Antonio Gardoni krijgt van Luca Turin 5 sterren in Perfumes: the guide, 2018! “Lavender jasmine…Mem is by far the most complex and ambitious fragrance Antonio Gardoni has composed. In terms of balance, texture, and sheer symphonic opulence, Mem is in a very rarefied league. A tremendous achievement from any perfumer, all the more so from one who has a day job as an architect.”

Kafkaesque over MEM "I give up trying to describe the rest of the incredibly complex opening bouquet on my skin. Mr. Gardoni’s 86 ingredients are like the daintiest of brushstrokes, sometimes invisible to the naked eye (or nose), and perceptible only in terms of their larger feel and indirect impact. MEM’s utterly gorgeous first 90 minutes are dancing sunbeams mixed with dancing moon beams, will o’ the wisps, and spirits of the meadow, each taking turns to dart up to you, wrap their vapors around your body, and brush your cheek with butterfly kisses before darting away."


4 soorten lavendel, petitgrain, mandarijn, ylang-ylang, lily of the valley, witte champaca, jasmijn (jasmine grandiflorum), roos, geranium, vanille, mint, laurier, benzoine, sandalwood, ceder, labdanum, ambergris, musk, castoreum, civet, amber


Bogue Profumo

Antonio Gardoni, architect and self-taught perfumer, has a unique avant-garde style and looks at perfumes.

Quote: "I work at night when the light doesn’t adulterate the chemicals and when the smells of the day disappears to leave space to new experiments of shadows.” Hij vergelijkt zijn parfums ook met kamers die ontdekt moeten worden. Ga je mee op ontdekkingstocht?


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Mem by Bogue Profumo
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