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Try before you buy

We welcome you to our boutique in Amsterdam-Zuid where you can discover our collection. Next to that, we offer an online sample service to try out perfumes at home.

How our online sample service works:

5 Perfume Lounge samples
  • € 5 per sample
  • a sample contains 1.0 ml or 1.5 ml, depending on the value of the perfume
  • maximum 1 sample per perfume
  • max 5 samples
  • 2-3 days filling time
  • incl. discount voucher

How to order?

Below the description of a perfume you will see 'Try before you buy?' you can order a sample here. If there is no order button, this means that we cannot provide samples of this product. Often you can smell these perfumes in our boutique.

Discount vouchers

  • 1 sample € 5 voucher
  • 2 samples € 7.50 voucher
  • 3 samples € 10 voucher
  • 4 samples € 15 voucher
  • 5 samples € 20 voucher

After your sample order we will send you a discount voucher 72 hours (3 days) automatically to the email with which you ordered. Please check your spam box if you have not received it. For samples of hairmists you will not receive a discount voucher.

Conditions on discount vouchers

  • Sample vouchers are valid for 2 months after receiving
  • Exchangeable in the webshop and our boutique in Amsterdam
  • Valid on products with a purchase value from € 75, -
  • Not valid on samples
  • 1 discount code per order

Delivery time

Unfortunately, we cannot ship samples to all countries due to the high demand of this service. At the moment we only ship sample-only orders to the following European countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxenbourg, Schweiz, Spain, Sweden. Normal DHL shipping fees to these countries apply so that we can provide you with a tracking.

All samples are filled by hand by us and come packed in 1.5 ml plastic mini sprays. Depending on the price of the fragrance in question, we fill it with 1 to 1.5 ml. There is always empty space (headspace) in the tube to enable adequate spraying.
Because we fill all samples by hand, the delivery time can be up to 4 to 5 days in The Netherlands abroad this can be 7 - 9 days. It is recommended to use the samples within 6 months after filling, as the quality may deteriorate after that.

    Enjoy finding new fragrances!


    Need tips on how to use your samples? Read our extended blog or watch the vlog below. 

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