Viooltjes in parfum

Lovely, decorative flower
Most people probably know violets from planters and gardens. But this decorative flower can also be used in perfume. Of the approximately 400 types of violets, the perfumery industry uses the wonderfully smelling, March violet (viola odorata!).

How does it smell?
The flowers smell slightly sweet, sweet and not heavily floral. They are often used to give a scent a powdery feel, which makes this flower a playful ingredient in a perfume.
The leaves of the violets are also used as a perfume ingredient. For this, the leaves are extracted, this scent is earthy, green-peppery, reminiscent of melon and cucumber peel. It gives perfumes a green elegant twist.

Facts about violets:
Most pansies are edible, the texture is velvety and they taste slightly sweet and cinnamon-like. They look great in salads or pastries. *
In addition, a number of species also contain many antioxidants, which also makes them healthy.
Both the flowers and the leaves are used in perfumery.
Violets are known for their flirty scent, their soft, sweet scent character.

* Source: Koster, Ans (2017) Flowers with taste. Zeist, the Netherlands; KNNV Publishers

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