strangelove nyc necklaces

Helena Christensen strangelove necklace

Discover the beautiful necklaces from strangelove nyc, beautiful sturdy gold plated necklaces with a decorative perfume oil reservoir. With these stylish and elegant necklaces, you steal the show at any party.
In addition, you have your favorite perfume at hand to reapply during the evening.

Perfume oil is closer to the skin due to the oil base. Perfumes with an atomizer (and alcohol) evaporate more into the room and therefore appear stronger. Perfume oil, on the other hand, provides a very intimate fragrance experience and often remains perceptible longer on the skin. With these beauties, you are beautifully scented and very elegantly dressed.

Style tip: looks fabulous on a black dress or sweater like Helena Christensen, the creative director of strangelove nyc.

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