Spring blossoms

Spring blossoms

How does Spring and its delicte blossoms inspire perfumers in their creations? To celebrate Spring, we browsed through our collection for you and found a selection of perfumes with exotic and beautifully fragrant blossoms.

ginger blossom - Annindriya Perfume Lounge

Ginger blossom
Did you know that if you don't harvest ginger, you will get a beautiful red flower? The eau de parfum Jangala by Pierre Guillaume has ginger blossom in it and reflects Pierre's scented memory of a tropical jungle where this fantastic blossom grows. 

Jangala - Pierre Guillaume

Magnolia blossom
Magnolia flowers can reach an average of 20 cm in diameter!  Not exactly a small blossom...
Parfum Satori's Hana Hiraku is an interpretation of magnolia blossom in combination with fresh green notes and a fruity accord, unusual

Hana Hiraku - Parfum Satori
and see: Rahele - Neela Vermeire Creations

Magnolia - Annindriya Perfume Lounge

Take a look at our collectie Magnolia, how is Magnolia used in perfume.

coffee blossom Annindriya Perfume Lounge

Coffee blossom
Do you love the smell of coffee?
Did you know that coffee flowers also smell amazing? Perfumer Pierre Guillaume used coffee blossom in Musc Maori, this resulted in a warm, comfortable gourmand fragrance.

Musc Maori - Pierre Guillaume

Cherrry blossom Annindriya Perfume Lounge

 Cherry blossom
In Japan it is the national flower, the cherry blossom with its beautiful pink flowers, which heralds the coming of Spring.
The Japanese perfumer Satori Osawa, composed Sakura, a cherry blossom soloflore, as a tribute to Spring and new beginnings. A beautiful, bright fresh  interpretation with shiso.

Sakura - Parfum Satori 

Lime blossom
  In Amsterdam lime blossom (and elm trees) were planted as a natural air freshener and their blossom are a fragrant sign of the coming of Spring .

A beautiful  combination of lime blossom and soft leather in Clemency by Humiecki & Graef!

Clemency - Humiecki & Graef

 Linden blossom Annindriya Perfume Lounge

For 'green' inspiration in the elm ; take a look at  Eau d'Amsterdam.

Peach blossom Annindriya Perfume Lounge

 Peach blossom 
The peach blossom is the sweet pink flower on the fruit tree. Tibet this flower heralds the coming of Spring. Vohina, by  Pierre Guillaume Noir, a slightly sweet yet fresh fragrance, was inspired by the peach blossom and holds the promise of the first signs of Spring..

Vohina - Pierre Guillaume



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