Personal perfume advice

At Perfume Lounge we have perfumes for everyone and we have been specializing in personal perfume advice for over 12 years. Are you looking for a perfume that really suits you or do you know someone who is? Then you are on the right page because here you can choose the advice that suits you. Also a nice and appreciated gift.

Perfume Profiling - advice deluxe
Are you very interested in perfumes and can't get enough of them? Then a Perfume Profiling is for you. This is really a perfume experience with a part workshop (how smell works in the brain and the history of perfume) then we give advice with perfumes that match your preferences. Next to a lot of information, you'll take a card home with your personal scent profile.
The duration of this advice is 90 minutes and we offer it for 1 person in the Personal Perfume Profiling or for 2 people in the Partner Perfume Profiling. This is also valuable to do with a friend or partner.

Perfume Discovery - targeted personal advice
Are you specifically looking for perfumes that suit you? We have our Perfume Discovery for that! In 45 minutes, one of our perfume experts will map out your preferences, give tips on when to wear which perfumes, and conclude with an advice of perfumes from our collection. If you purchase on the day of the advice, you will receive a €15 discount. Here too you'll take your personal scent profile home.

Extend gift card
Both our Perfume Discovery and Personal Perfume Profiling can be extended with a credit or a separate gift voucher to use when purchasing a perfume after the advice.

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