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Athenaeum by Jorum Studio is a comfortable eau de parfum, contemplative and familiar. Warm memories from your childhood hiding for the hustle and bustle of the world. Picture yourself in a comfortable relaxed place where you can disappear in a wonderful book, warmed by the sun, dreamy and cozy.

Athenaeum is a skilled piece of work by Euan McCall, with the scent of beeswax, ink, oak trees, and the special Scottish lavender. The lavender is biodynamically and sustainably grown, harvested, and distilled in Scotland.

Perfumer Euan McCall: "Athenaeum is the distillation of a once-forgotten yet fond olfactory memory, awakened at the local athenaeum. Upon entering the athenaeum one is struck by the overwhelming aroma of degrading pulp and ink, shrouded in a haze of sun-kissed dust. ... a distant and forgotten memory from childhood, growing up in rural Scotland, more specifically, reading books and newspapers under an old oak that sat on the edge of a field and Bluebell wood."


Scottish lavender**, beeswax*, fennel, apple, honey, neroli oil, hyacinth, flouve, patchouli, Morocco leather*, gurjun balsam, oak, ink

*of synthetic origin
** Biodynamically and sustainably grown, harvested, and distilled in Scotland.


Jorum Studio, Scotland's first and most original perfume house, is the creation of Scottish perfumer Euan McCall and his partner Chloe Mullen. This creative duo makes all the fragrances in small batches by hand in their own studio in Edinburgh, resulting in a collection of unique, original, and contemporary perfumes.

Do you also love Scotland? The rugged landscapes, the weathered mentality, the rich culture, nature, and history.
Jorum Studio perfumes are perfumes that do not necessarily smell 'perfume-like', the word 'scents' is more appropriate. Ready for this Scottish adventure?


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