deadofnight strangelove

deadofnight, the bestseller from strangelove nyc, is available in a range of gorgeous products. View the entire collection of this seductive leather fragrance, celebrated for its animalic opening and silky finish on the skin.

deadofnight was the first fragrance of the luxury brand strangelove nyc and has been acclaimed by its wearers and perfume lovers alike. The Perfume Lounge team is proud to carry this desirable brand exclusively in the Netherlands.

This decadent perfume is made with three different types of natural, rare, and desirable oudh. Such as the special oudh from Borneo which is traditionally a true aphrodisiac.

A perfume for those who dare to wear layered full scents. deadofnight is reminiscent of natural unpolished attars and oils combined with the style of elegant luxurious perfumes.

deadofnight lives up to its name with excellent staying power and sillage. The longer the perfume stays on the skin, the deeper the scent and the more beautiful it becomes.

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