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Satori is created around Kyara, the highest quality agarwood, which is known to have five tastes: spicy, bitter, sweet, sour, and salty. "I have expressed the five tastes by blending cinnamon and clove for spiciness, cacao for bitterness, and vanilla for sweetness. Sourness and saltiness was added with a delicate amount of bitter orange, oak tree, moss, and cypress, condensing the shades of the fragrance. These five tastes are unified by a woody scent based on sandalwood and frankincense, bringing out gentleness and warmth. I have tried to express the global philosophy of Japan."
The Agarwood, with greater value than gold, rises straight up from the incense burner like a posture of an elegant and dignified woman. The light softly enters the room and enhances the woman's gracious air. In a nostalgic silence, she leaves behind the rustle of her kimono and the invisible traces of her shadow...This perfume has preciously locked up the Zen sense of Japanese beauty. It is Satori's representative creation. 

The result: softness, warmth, translucence...

Rhys, perfume blogger forThe Scent of Man, gives Satori a 9.75/10 rating: 
"The rich undertones of frankincense and sandalwood fortifies the base notes of this unisex perfume, lingering closely to the skin while projecting a wave of cosiness and serenity. I love how Satori stays close to the skin, giving my friends an element of surprise when I embrace them. I humbly applaud the perfumer for incorporating various Japanese elements and techniques into creating this fragrance and making an effort revitalizing the use of fragrant wood in today’s context once again. Rating: 9.75/10."

Read hier about a meeting with Chester, a customer who introduced Satori to us, and Satori Osawa in Tokyo.


bergamot, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, cacao, vanilla, incense, sandalwood, oak moss, Agarwood


Parfum Satori

Satori Osawa is an independent perfumer from Japan. She was born in Tokio where she studied Fragrance Design and Perfumery taught by master perfumer Kenji Maruyama. In 2000 she started her own exclusive and very special brand “Parfum Satori”.

The team of the Perfume Lounge is proud and grateful to be the first in Europe to show and offer the delicate creations of Satori Osawa. Satori creates original perfumes from an authentic oriental perspective; the delicate eau-de-parfums are praised all-over and are recognizable in their authentic Japanese style and characteristics.


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Customer Reviews

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A Touch of Japan Soul (Nihon no Kokoro...Subarashii)
Thank you so much. How wonderfully described 'a very long embrace'. Enjoy Satori, warmest regards, Tanja - team Perfume Lounge
Great purchase
A masterpiece
Dear Ana do Ar, wow, what a passionate review about Satori-san's masterpiece Satori edp! And we so much agree, it is a true gem, to be discovered and rediscovered time after time. Enjoy!

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