Wearing perfumes on a hot summer day or in a hot country. What should you think about and how can you choose which scents to wear. In this blog Chester tells us which scents he wears in warm weather, we briefly explain why you should spray modestly when it is warm, and we give each of us a tip which perfume we love on a warm, summer day.

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Chester's tips

"I can eagerly look forward to a warm sunny summer. Walking along the beach or through a beautiful town, whether in my own country or somewhere nice in southern Europe.

What also makes me happy are the summer scents; nature smells different and the people around us are starting to wrap themselves in their summer fragrance wardrobe.
As a little boy I often went on holiday in Germany where I used up many a bottle of fresh eau de cologne on the hot days. Since then my love for fresh scents in the summer took off; citrus, neroli, orange blossom, all remind me of summer!

However, a few years ago I made a trip through Oman. It was sweltering hot during the day. I had no perfume with me except for a sample I got from a salesman in the Muscat souk. The man had given me a perfume with frankincense and pepper, at first I didn't feel much like wearing it, after all I was used to wearing neroli and citrus scents on such days.
Nevertheless, I decided to use the sample and was pleasantly surprised by the effect of the pink pepper in combination with the cooling incense on my skin.
After that trip, I started wearing scents with incense more often during hot days. At home in my perfume collection, I also picked up the perfumes that I always believed to be for colder days. I noticed that some of these scents developed fantastically nice on the skin during warmer days. Amber, patchouli or heavy florals, sometimes a heavier perfume turns out to be fine on hot days, if dosed correctly.
Great to alternate with the fresher summer perfumes!

So experiment to your heart's content with your fragrance wardrobe and see how each perfume behaves on your skin on hotter days."

The science behind fragrance in the heat

Perfumes - and scents in general - behave differently in warm weather. Especially the combination with high humidity ensures that odor molecules spread further and linger longer. In addition, our nose works better in warm weather, so we notice the smells better.
That is why we recommend that you are careful with spraying perfume in hot weather, especially in a hot and humid country. Start with one spray and see how that goes. You can also opt for perfumes with less projection because this will be more prevalent anyway because of the heat and the humid weather. But above all, we would like to invite you to choose scents from your collection that you would not immediately wear in warm weather and to experiment with them. Warmer amber scents, heavier floral scents, but also very spicy, incense perfumes can be stunning in heat.

Zonnige lucht en palmen

What do we wear? 

Here are our suggestions for warmer days:

Chester: Piper Nigrum by Lorenzo Villoresi! The pepper stimulates and cools on hot days.
Musc Maori 4 by Pierre Guillaume, a musky chocolate perfume is not the first thing that comes to mind in hot weather, yet it works wonderfully well on my skin, it makes me feel creamy!

Vicky: Orangers and Fleurs from Houbigant, the orange blossom blooms and really shines in warm weather.

Petra: Oriental Mint from Phaedon during the day because of the mint and Al Sahra from The Different Company in the evening, which is a bit warmer and sultry scent.

Tanja: Eau Radieuse from Humiecki & Graef, a delicious refreshing cologne that has an even more cooling effect if you keep it in the fridge. Then the scent also literally cools you on hot days.

Karima: Sticky Fingers by Francesca Bianchi, seductive, dark and deliciously creamy on the skin, especially in warm weather!