Just like with humans, you sometimes need some time to get to know a fragrance. Each perfume has its own character and develops during the day. A sample helps you to get to know a perfume and determine whether you want to include the full bottle in your collection. That is why we have a sample service, to allow you to smell and try a perfume on the skin before you buy it. In this blog we have written down tips on how you can optimally enjoy your samples.

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On paper or on the skin

smelling on blotter

You can use a sample in 2 ways; on paper, on a so-called blotter, or on the skin. Spraying on a blotter helps you to give a first impression and to determine the character of a fragrance. In addition, you can determine how strong a perfume is and whether and how much you want to spray of it on yourself. After that you can try the perfume on the skin to see how you like it. Always try a perfume on skin before you buy it, this can prevent disappointment afterwards.


It is best to try the scent on bare skin that has no other scented products, like a scented body lotion. Metal jewelry or watches can also influence the smell of a perfume. So take off jewelry before spraying and check that they did not leave a scent on your skin.

Spraying on a fragrance 

spraying on fragrance

Spray the perfume from some distance on your skin or blotter, so the scent can diffuse and show itself in all its facets. If you spray very close to the skin, it becomes a very concentrated place that can make a perfume appear different. You can also play with this if you find a perfume too strong, spray it a little further from the skin and see if the perfume suits you better.

And now for the exiting part: smelling

Play with the distance at which you smell a fragrance on a blotter as well as on the skin to get to know the full character of the perfume. The distance at which you smell also helps you determine if a perfume has projection - how strongly others perceive your perfume - if this is important to you in a perfume, start by smelling it from a distance.

Give the perfume time

smelling a fragrance

Most perfumes are made to develop during the day. So smell your skin throughout the day to see how the perfume develops. Try it on multiple days and occasions. If you find the perfume a bit challenging, please try again in a week. Sometimes you need some time to get used to a different kind of fragrance.


We said it before but it really helps to try a perfume at different times of the day and on different occasions. It matters in fragrance experience when you wear a fragrance, whether it be to work, a romantic dinner or on a cold winter day along the beach. Some scents suit one moment much better than the next. Different fragrances on different occasions can also show sides of you you have not discovered yet. It can be a lot of fun to try out perfumes for different moods.

The samples were not you are looking for?

Of course, it is possible that you may not be convinced by the samples you ordered. Try to put into words what you don't like about a scent or what you do. This will help you in your search for other perfumes. Please contact us, we are happy to help you discover other fragrances from our collection.
Tip: give away your sample, you might know someone who will like the perfume you do not. Giving them your sample will help them discover something new too.

On this page you can read more about our sample service.