‘A perfume tells more about you than your handwriting’ 

Perfume is a wonderful expression of your personality and style. And just like you'll have clothes for different occasions, you can treat your perfume collection in the same way. Since it might not be easy for you to know what to think about when choosing second or third fragrances, we are here to help you!
Both online and in our boutique we help you build your personal fragrance wardrobe.

But remember, let your nose guide you!

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Building your fragrance wardrobe

Step 1 'Perfect basics'

The best way is to start by choosing some basic perfumes that fit what you do when you wear perfume most. If you love to party, your basics might be a few fragrances for parties. But someone who is more an introvert might stick with a range of comfortable low-profile fragrances. So for your main activities, you will want some fragrances that you enjoy wearing.
Fragrance families can help you find your comfort zone in fragrances. Fragrance families are a way of categorizing different perfumes.

Side note: Combining basics

Basics in clothing can be combined in many ways, this also applies to basic perfumes. If you have some basic fragrances you can start with expanding your wardrobe by combining them. We call this layering, in this selection of layering perfumes you will find examples of perfume basics to play with. For example, you can wear minimalist fragrances on their own when you are in a quiet mood, but you can also wear them over another fragrance to give it just that little 'oompf'. 

Step 2 'Expanding the collection'

Once you've found your basic fragrances, you can start experimenting with different styles of perfumes depending on your mood or for a particular occasion. Next to basics maybe you want that fragrance that gives you confidence or that tells people that you dare to make a statement. To find out what you like, we advise you to get out there, smell lots of perfumes, visit us and discover our collection, dare to ask others what they are wearing, and most importantly, try out new fragrances! And of course, on this journey, you will fail some times, don't be afraid to do so, that's how we learn.
If you want a kickstart in this process, check out our Personal Perfume Profiling. Or drop by in our boutique to get advice on how to expand your personal wardrobe. We are also available online through email, chat or by phone. 

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Some inspiration for different occasions

Tips for occasions and styles in scents you can find in our Perfume Themes.
These are frequent occasions our customers choose:
* Work, job interviews, important appointments, etc. Here it is best not to wear too much and not too heavy fragrances, which does not mean they have to be boring! Dare to confess color and let your personality shine through. But choose a fragrance with not too much sillage (this means projection or scent trail).
* Party-time this means everything is allowed, a big party can have a big fragrance, if that feels right to you. 
* Dinners require a subtle scent, you don't want to 'eat' someone else's scent. So no sillage here but a subtle fragrance should be your choice. Check out our collection of clean & well-groomed frags.
* Seasons, you can also adjust your perfumes for the seasons. You probably tend to go for different perfumes automatically when the temperatures rise than when it's time for hot chocolate by the fireplace.