Patchouli is a plant from the mint family and a beloved ingredient for perfumers. It has an earthy, warm and elegant scent. In this vlog we describe what patchouli is, how it smells and we have selected 4 themes where patchouli is a key ingredient.

In this vlog:
Intro 0:00 - 0:11
What is patchouli? How does it grow? 0:12
What does patchouli smell like? 0:30
Intro 4 themes 0:53

1. Solo, Patchouli as the star ingredient 0:58
Patchouli - Lorenzo Villoresi 1:11
Hindu Grass - Nasomatto (not described in this vlog)
2. Oriental 1:25
Patchouli Intense - Patricia de Nicolaï 1:40
Intrigant Patchouli - Parfumerie Générale  (not described in this vlog)
3. Gourmand, sweetness and patchouli 1:45
Accord 119 - Caron 2:03
Une Nuit Magnétique - The Different Company (not described in this vlog)
4. With rose, soft rose and earthy patchouli are a good marriage 2:13
Lumière Noire pour femme - Maison Francis Kurkdjian 2:28
Isparta - Parfumerie Générale (not described in this vlog)

special mention: Arbolé Arbolé - Hiram Green 2:34
Outro - please visit us for more patchouli fragrances 2:53