Our picks of fragrances with tuberose as key perfume ingredient. Everything you always wanted to know about tuberose in fragrances. Tuberose, polianthes tuberosa, is night blooming flower with a sumptious, luscious, rich, and creamy scent, seductive and full. 

Did you know that tuberose can play quite different roles in perfumes?

Let's discover these 4 takes on tuberose parfums:

1. Floral & majestic:
Moon Bloom, Hiram Green 
Fracas, Robert Piguet
Lace Garden, Teo Cabanel 

2.Green & crispy:
Pichola, Neela Vermeire Creations
Voyance, Baruti

3. Leathery & intense:
Ombre Indigo, Olfactive Studio
Adjatay, The Different Company

4.Carnal & very seductive:
Narcotic V, Nasomatto
Melodie de l'Amour, Dusita

Let us know what your favourite tuberose fragrance is? Are you a fan of the scent of tuberose, or is it more of an acquired taste for you?