Contemplation on the purpose of flowers. Because a flower is much more than the sex organ of a plant. Discover it in this Bravanariz' Plant Stories.

The charismatic founder and creator of Bravanariz is Ernesto Collado, and he is fascinated by nature. In his Plant Stories, he shares some extraordinary facts about the flora of the Spanish Emporda, the region he lives in. In this episode, we learn about mastic.

Bravanariz is one of the brands we sell in Perfume Lounge. They make 100% all-natural landscape scents. The subtitle of the brand is Smelling Wild and Bravanariz takes that to heart as they - literally - bottle the essence of the Spanish landscape. Its aim, to make us reconnect with nature within.

Cinematography: Álvaro Sanz
Narrated: Ernesto Collado