rosa centifolia grasse 2017
The rose is probably the most famous flower and of course the most romantic flower, as it is often described as the flower of love. Rose oil has been used in perfume and cosmetics for over 3,000 years. Customs that go back to ancient Greece, for example, where the rose was the flower of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. Most roses come from France, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, and North Africa.

The perfume industry mainly uses two types of roses: the May rose and the Damask rose. May rose (rosa centifolia) has (almost literally) 100 petals per flower. It is the most commonly used rose in perfume.
Damask rose (Rosa Damascene) has a deep red color, ("love rose") it is widely used in creams, lipstick, lotions, powders.

The rose harvest is early in the morning from May to mid-June. Only the petals of the roses are used and must also be processed immediately in order to retain the fragrance. The oil (also called rose attar or rose otto) is obtained by steam distillation. The rose absolute or concentrate is obtained by a solvent (solvent extrusion). To get 1 kg of rose oil you need 4 to 5 tons of rose petals.

How do roses smell?
Roses smell soft, delicate and floral. Rose chords can often be found in the heart of a perfume.

- May rose (rosa centifolia) smells honeyed, lemon accent, slightly fleshy and very rich.
- Damask rose (Rosa damascene) smells more cognac-like, honey-like and spicy.

The scent of roses naturally consists of more than 300 different fragrance components, such as rose oxide, linalool, beta-damascenone, and phenyl ethyl alcohol. 

Below our selection of sophisticated perfumes with roses.