On Saturday 2 February we organize a workshop together with the Bravanariz brand to introduce the brand in our store. Bravanariz's charming and enthusiastic perfumer, Ernesto Collado, will present his three natural scents in a tantalizing fragrance workshop. During this fragrance experience, he lets us experience the essence of the Empordà (North East Spain). He takes us along in his experiential way of working. By taking in the scenery, getting your hands dirty, touching, smelling and following your nose. Experience the rich stories of this remarkable brand and let the scents pass through your fingers. It promises to be an exciting and innovative sensory introduction.

An impression of the event below:

Bravanariz event march 2019

Ernesto Collado at Perfume Lounge.  Tanja smelling wild

Smelling wild with Bravanariz