event Francesca Bianchi

We present an event to introduce the 3 Sublime scented body oils from perfumer Francesca Bianchi.

During this event, Francesca will introduce these beautiful products and we will play with and experience how these luxurious oils can be worn with or without perfumes. This combination of scented oils and perfumes is also called layering, hence: Play & Layer!
The three sublime oils are from the bestsellers Lost in Heaven, Sex & the Sea Neroli, and Sex & the Sea.

Because of high demand we decided to open up another slot at 2pm. Welcome!

When: Saturday, August 8
From: 11am - 1pm and again 2pm - 4pm
Cost: € 15 p.p.
The workshop fee will be deducted from any purchase made during this afternoon (starting at € 75)
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Language: English

This event takes place outdoors; our large garden offers enough space to sit 1.5m away. The maximum number of guests is 12 people. In bad weather, the event is canceled.

Francesca Bianchi garden Perfume Lounge Sublime oils Francesca Bianchi 
Francesca Bianchi Tanja Deurloo Smelling during the workshop