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Under My Skin

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A leathery, slightly animalic, powdery perfume, a velvety and elegant take.

Under My Skin is my interpretation of the animalic theme. I started working on it around 2 years ago. I was charmed by strong animalic scents, and I tried to do my own; but I had to realize that what I like in other’s creations is not necessarily what I like to create myself.

So after adding animalic materials going into the heavy or sweet or stable-like direction, I had to eliminate them little by little, and arrive to this solution which suits me the best: a leathery, slightly animalic, powdery one, a velvety and elegant take. It goes along with my personality and my style and when I finally realized that this was my way, I was finally happy and relieved.

The name comes from a conversation with an artist and fragrance lover, who said it is as if the scent emanates from the skin. This concept of ‘Under My Skin’ reinforced my path of going into something more subtly ’human’ than overtly ‘animal’. The core of the scent is a combination of animalic and leathery notes tamed by iris butter (at 15% irone!). After working on this core, I worked on the base notes, made up by Tolu Balsam, Peru Balsam, Tonka Bean and several kind of woods.

Last step of the job was the opening, where I used grapefruit and lavender. I used to be a ‘Lavender hater’: but here it plays a subtle and elegant part. I was amazed how nicely it matched this scent, adding brightness and elegance.Heerlijk warm en omhullend vierde parfum van parfumeur Francesca Bianchi.  Vol en spannend zoals u van deze parfumeur gewend bent.


grapefruit, lavender, black pepper, Bulgarian rose,    anjer, iris boter, musk, ambergris, leer, costus, tonkabean, tolubalsem, perubalsem, sandalwood, vanille, eikenmos


"Made by Italian hands", a beautiful statement to describe this brand of Amsterdam-based and self-taught perfumer Francesca Bianchi. 

The Italian perfumer Francesca Bianchi brought three scents to the market in 2016. These perfumes amazed many people and a series of positive reviews followed. Luca Turin rated her Angel's Dust with 4 stars, which sure is not nothing for a starting perfumer!

At the age of 28, her fascination for essential oils started. This grew out to be a true passion which she converted into creating perfumes. With pride she develops her scents. From the first draft, to the sticking on of the labels, she does everything herself, with her Italian hands, in her atelier in Amsterdam.

We enjoy working together with this extremely passionate and crafty perfumer. With great pleasure we can reveal Cuir Soyeux, a limited edition creation by Francesca, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.


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Customer Reviews

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Parameshwar Iyer

Another top-notch scent from Francesca Bianchi. Love it.

Under my skin van Francesca Bianchi.

Under my skin van Francesca Bianchi is een heerlijke poederig parfum.
Het begint kruidig en geleidelijk gaat het over in balsemachtig/lederachtige geuren en eindigt in een vleugje sandelhout.
Zacht en vol en houdt zeer langdurig aan. Heerlijk!

Wendy Verbruggen
sensuality in a bottle

Heel erg sensueel en sexy ! Ik heb 4 samples besteld van Bianchi en dit is de tweede die ik probeer. De eerste Angel's Dust ruikt bij mij helemaal niet poederig/bloemen maar naar honing en een beetje te scherp. Dit daarentegen is echt ... hmmmmmmmm, zucht.... ik blijf er aan ruiken. Heerlijk poederig, leer, warm, erotisch, dierlijke aantrekking, pure verleiding en feromonen maar wel op een elegante manier zonder dirty te zijn. Ik ben benieuwd naar de andere twee en dan ga ik een keuze maken.

Positieve ervaring, snelle levering

Positieve ervaring, snelle levering leuke cadeaus- de proefjes.

Ellen Dekker
Under my skin

At the first introductory spray, I recoiled a bit. Fortunately for a short moment. Give it a moment before you get your nose close! I think those first notes remain perceptible, but then as the fresh element that actually remains perceptible until the end. I like that, because in my experience most scents often end up very flat. It is a somewhat heavier perfume that keeps dancing around you for a long time, but not as if you were walking into a perfume cloud in which you are no longer perceptible. A little bit gives all day long hints of a wonderful fragrance experience that someone at arm's length will also occasionally get something from. It seems to merge with your body, warm but with a fresh stimulating tone, leather and certainly also animale. I think it is a special and yet familiar fragrance. The name of this perfume has been chosen perfectly, I cannot describe it better.

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