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The Iron Duke is part of BeauFort's Revenants' collection. This collection is inspired by great heroes from England's maritime history. Heroes whose presence is still somewhat palpable in the present.

The first volume in this series/collection is the'Iron Duke', aka the Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), a celebrated warrior, politician, horseman and pioneer. Perfumer Julie Dunkley has created a powerful perfume for this powerful hero from England's naval history. You can hear and smell the cannons fired aboard his ship and feel and smell the fighting spirit of the men.

In the perfume, you can smell the leather of Wellington's saddle, the gunpowder of the guns and a hint of the rum and tobacco that were abundant onboard Wellington's ship.


leer, tabak, rum, 'buskruit'


BeauFort London
The founder of this niche perfume brand BeauFort London is Leo Crabtree. He found the inspiration for the fragrances in the rich naval history of the United Kingdom. But not only the nice heroic parts of these stories are depicted, also the warfare (gunpowder, rum and blood), trade and explorations found their way into the fragrances. The first line of BeauFort is the 'Come Hell or High Water' collection. Each of them fragrances with their own powerful character. Crabtree is from a diverse family of sea-men, artists and creative spirits. He was born on a house boat on the Thames en surrounded by a father and grandfather who loved boats the story of BeauFort is intertwined with personal interests. Next to the founder of BeauFort London, Crabtree is a known musician. He started BeauFort to create his own, and self acclaimed 'best of the world', mustache wax. Crabtree designed the fragrances in close collaboration with Julie Marlowe (Tonnerre, Vi et Armis, Fathom V, Lignum Vitae) and Julie Dunkley (Coeur de Noir, Iron Duke).


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Iron Duke, bygone British pride

Genuine Alpha Male scent. A nice warm scent, perfect for the cold winter months. Dry scent with notes of leather, rum, wood., Subtle smoke notes. Don't be put off by the first impression, but wait ... you will be rewarded with a wonderful drydown. This scent keeps my skin for a very long time. Top!

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