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"Love without boundaries...fallintostars"

fallintostars is a rich, warm, animalic and yet radiant oudh fragrance with heaps of character. Just like her 'sister' deadofnight, it needs skin as after the initial application (it starts off strong and 'dirty'), it becomes warm, woody, soft, and very yummy!

Apply it to your warm pulse points and be prepared to soar into the next dimension!

This perfume is handcrafted in New York and come in a practical 15ml spray or a luxury 50ml bottle with a beautifully designed 24k gold-plated cap, of which the pattern is made following the prodigious Fibonacci sequence (the golden ratio).

fallintostars is also available in perfume oil as well as a beautiful gold-plated necklace


oudh (India), labdanum, amber, jonquil, benzoin, Palisander rosewood, vanilla, pink pepper, peru balsem, benzoin.


Master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel on fallintostars: "The stardust and pollen effect comes from natural and wild French daffodil; a golden amber effect comes from a Fairwild certified Peru Balsam and a Siam Benzoin resin, which cast light from the back of the scent; and an illuminating solar effect comes from fresh ginger, bergamot, and saffron. That ensemble is nested in a combination of ouds, For Life-certified roses, and henna flower."

Blogger Take One Thing Off about fallintostars: "What I smell in fallintostars is really an act in three parts: Hindi oud, followed by champagne-and-vodka amber, and finally a huge honking myrrh not listed anywhere. Of course, it’s entirely possible that Christophe has managed to work the inky, astringent tones of saffron and hina attar (henna) with his feverish fingers into the shape of a rubbery, mushroomy myrrh. It’s also possible that it’s just myrrh... In fallintostars, Christophe Laudamiel takes heavy hitters like Hindi oud and makes it smell like bottled fireflies. And that is alchemy, pure and simple.


Christophe Laudamiel


strangelove nyc is a high-quality and luxurious brand with 5 intriguing and unusual scents in eau de parfum and in oil. The oil can also be worn in the desirable 24 carat gold-plated necklace.

Every perfume is packed with natural, precious ingredients. For example, each fragrance contains 2 natural types of Oudh; deadofnight even 3 types. The perfumes are made by hand in New York, true craftsmanship.

The design of the bottles, caps and chains is shows the sense of quality of the brand. 24 carat gold plated caps, high quality glass, exclusive design by art director Helena Christensen.

So, why are we so happy to work with this brand?

Not only are we very enthusiastic about the quality of the perfumes, when we first smelled these perfumes, the special scents carried us right away. The presentation of the perfumes in a gold chain also stood out for us. What else can you expect with a team of great minds who stand behind this brand. They capture that sense of true luxury perfectly in the products. That, together with the beautiful black-and-white photography, makes us very happy that we brought these perfume jewels to the Netherlands. Exclusively available at Perfume Lounge.

The 'dream team' of strangelove consists of:

  • Elizabeth Gaynes: Elizabeth founded strangelove nyc 5 years ago from her fascination for and expertise in sustainable sourcing (GaiaOne) of natural ingredients, including Oudh from Borneo and rare essential oils.
  • Helena Christensen: Helena guarantees the unique creative expressions such as the perfume oil necklace and photography. As artistic leader of the brand, photographer, model: beautiful inside and out.
  • Christophe Laudamiel: Christophe, master-perfumer, can take on the challenge of creating unparalleled desirable perfumes with these rare, precious ingredients like no other.


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