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A perfume with the mineral scent of the salty sea, with the aromatic notes of the fragrant maquis, ravaged by sun and salty sea, showing the rugged beauty of a nature reserve in Corsica.

Perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has used the island of Corsica as inspiration for all the fragrances of Parfum d'Empire. With the l'Heritage Corse collection, he portrays various facets of Corsica in their pure form.

Acqua di Scandola is a scent-scape inspired by the Scandola peninsula, the western tip of Corsica and a UNESCO world heritage site. The part of the island can only be reached by boat and is surrounded by a certain type of algae, a clear turquoise blue sea, unspoiled nature captured by the aromatic juniper and the spicy chord of immortelle. Imagine moss-covered, shiny rocks, the ocher colour of the warm sand or salty, sun-drenched skin.

Quote from Marc-Antoine Corticchiato about Acqua di Scandola: "The sea is in my blood, and Scandola is a magical place where I keep coming back with fishermen friends who know each rock, every corner of it. Whatever the hour or the season, its colors keep changing on land and sea Those flashes of color inspire me as a perfumer As a part of my current quest for naturality and clarity, I wanted to express the marine accord without resorting to the cliché or artificial aquatic molecules. the key in a gorgeous algae extract, customized specifically to reflect my vision or Scandola's breathtaking beauty. "


lemon, artemisia dracunculus, basil, aldehyde, sea accord, geranium, green notes, juniper, algae extract, patchouli, oakmoss


Chemist in the Bottle: "Even though I said that juniper introduced a cold element, orange gives enough of Mediterranean sunlight to Acqua di Scandola, so that the perfume feels warm and embracing. Over time we take a dive into tourquoise waters. A charming accord of seaweed emerges, giving a new quality to this scent. It’s green and fresh in a very unique way and there’s something quite elegant yet carefree about the saline smell of the sea spray. On my skin, this algae & salt phase never feels overpowering. It’s quite the contrary, it's a perfect harmony of well-handled ingredients.

Over the next hours, the smell becomes lighter, airier, blending with the skin. Acqua di Scandola is, simply said, a summer charm, a promise of a lazy day at the beach."


Parfum d'Empire

A beautiful collection of eau de parfums for both women and men, which tell stories from the scented memories of different cultures.
Parfum d'Empire is the independent brand of quality perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato. Built around authentic and rare ingredients Parfum d'Empire has been building connections between the symbolic values of perfume since 2003. The brand name refers to that noble and rare raw materials loved by ancient civilizations. A wonderful collection Eau de Parfums both for women and men, which narrate memories from different cultures.
Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, of Corsican origin, is born in Morocco. His childhood and youth was divided between the Moroccan countryside - on the land of his parents, in the midst of their citrus plantation - and the Corsican maquis, in the family house in the French town Cuttoli Corticchiato. 
He studied chemical analysis of fragrant plants and attended the prestigious perfumers education ISIPCA at Versailles.
In addition to the creation and management of Parfum d'Empire, he is also a teacher for novice perfumers at ISIPCA. Demanding as he is in the choice of natural plant extracts, he set up a production unit of essential oils in 2000 in Madagascar, which he often visits.


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