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The place for exclusive perfumes and personal advice


In 2009 we opened our doors on a beautiful location in Amsterdam, following the example of haute perfumeries in Paris, London and New York. We take pride in unlocking the value of exclusive and rare perfumes for you. Both in our boutique and online.

Customized perfume advice
We offer professional advice to men and women alike to find their signature fragrance or to create your very own ‘fragrance wardrobe’. A unique concept in the Netherlands, for the perfume lover, for those looking for quality as well as for those who enjoy wearing special fragrances that set them apart from the crowd.

Unique perfume collection
Our collection consists of leading and rare (avant-garde) brands, often unique in the Netherlands and sometimes even in Europe. A well-chosen perfume is very important, a personal accessory, it emphasizes who you are. We would be delighted to help you build your ‘fragrance wardrobe’.

Passion for fragrance
Our team of perfume professionals have great passion for not only perfume but also for people, a high level of expertise and experience in giving perfume advice by way of more than a thousand Personal Perfume Profilings.

Phine Perfume Lounge

Phine van Eijk

"I worked for many different companies and done many different things, but fragrance was always very much a part of my life.” 

Which fragrances do you remember vividly from your youth? 
I want to smell everything, scents from the past that whisper to you, the loud fragrances from the eighties and of course the exciting new innovative fragrances of today.

How many perfumes do you have? 
No further questions ;)”

Fragrances that make you happy: 
“The smell of sun and wind on your skin, freshly cut grass, French bakeries….”

Your favourite ingredient? 


Your motto:  

"No nose, no joy!"  

email Phine: phine@annindriya.com

Tanja Perfume Lounge

Tanja Deurloo

Founder, CEO Annindriya and Perfume Lounge. Chemist, perfume designer, product developer.

Which scent do you remember vividly from the past?
The pleasant mix of Boldoot Cologne, mastic and liquorice in my parents shop, my grandfather's sigar, the scent of my mother's cream, Nutrix.

My favourite ingredients 
Freesia, sandalwood, vetiver, iris.

Which scents make you happy 
Scents that evoke deep emotions, beautifully made delicate balanced perfumes that touch me, striking original unusual creations that blow me of my socks, my beloved ones.

Some characteristics
Energetic, people's person, scent nerd, slightly impatient, results oriented.

email Tanja: tanja@annindriya.com

Vicky Perfume Lounge

Vicky Broos

"I have a background in glass blowing, this love for craft and my other passion for language brought me to Annindriya. Scent is also a language, a means of communication and to make a good scent is also a craft.”

Which fragrance do you remember from your past? 
Sheets which are dried outside and the wood workshop where I used to come with my father.

My favourite fragrance family
Gourmand, I love food :)

Scents that spark joy in you?
The freshness after a rain shower in summer. 

How would you describe yourself in a couple of words?
Diverse, empathic and I love to see, smell, and create beautiful things.

email Vicky: vicky@annindriya.com

portret Petra

Petra Engelenberg

”Versatile, Veelzijdig, beautician, instructor at horse back riding academy and coach. In the treatments that I give as a beautician scent is an important component. What is best than to surround yourself with a beautiful scent that lifts your spirit."

Which scents do you remember from the past?
”The fireplace in winter, de sea and the beach of Zandvoort, a fresh autumn morning while horse back riding."

What are fragrances that you love?? 
"Leather in combination with horses, fresh hay and wood chips, marshmallows on the barbeque." 

How would you describe yourself in a few words? 
"Doer, outdoor person, genuine, caring."

e-mail Petra: petra@annindriya.com

portret Tracy

Tracy Poku

Tracy is our new intern, she will strengthen our team until August.
She follows an ROCvA education to become a sales representatie and will help us with processing orders, making samples and general sales support. You can meet her in the boutique on Mondays and Fridays.

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