Frankincense in perfumes


frankincenseWhat is it?
Frankincense is an incense and is also called olibanum. The word olibanum comes from the Greek word libanos which means "fragrant resin."
It is a gum resin, an aromatic, viscous substance derived from the Boswellia tree. These trees are mainly found in Yemen and East Africa.
To be able to harvest the frankincense, notches in the bark are made from mature Boswellia trees. The resin flows out of these notches and hardens. This resin can be used either directly or incense, or can be concentrated by steam distillation in essential oil of frankincense.

How does it smell?boswellia boom
Frankincense smells spicy, woody, resinous and balsamic. It often also evokes the association with myrrh, conifers and pepper. Many people will know and recognize the scent of Frankincense from the church, especially the Catholic Church. Boswellia tree There are many different qualities of incense available: some of the highly acclaimed species are Hojari and Silver.

What is it used for and in?
Frankincense essential oil is praised for its antiseptic and healing effect. It has been used for centuries in religious rituals. It was even more precious than gold. Just like myrrh, the history of frankincense goes back 4000 years. The Egyptians already used it. It was part of kyphi, the sacred incense of the kings. Kyphi is a mix of incense, myrrh, honey, wine, broom, saffron, coriander, roses and berries.

The essential oil of frankincense is widely used in oriental and wood scents. Beautiful perfumes with frankincense are:

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