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Salle Privee Illegal extrait de parfum is a strong and daring creation based on the iconic ingredient vetiver grass: woody, earthy, smokey, intens.

Illegal is extrovert, distinct and boozy aromatic. Sophisticated and well-groomed, please be aware of the silent addictive (il)legal nature...

Salle Privée Illegal contains, as one of the first fragrances worldwide, the enticing ingredient CBD (Cannabidiol). The selected CBD is derived from organically grown Cannabis, in its highest purity. (No worries... it is THC-free, so no risk of true addiction or hallucination!)

“Iconic vetiver classics meet powerful niche/haute perfumery.”

The extrait concentration guarantees a longlasting performance on your skin.
Discover the delicious boozy start of absinth with cardamom and ginger. On your skin the rich character develops of cashmere wood and raw leather. Wear a longevity trail of vetiver-grass, high-quality synthetics, and the spicy ingredient Cannabidiol (CBD).

The seventies and eighties of last century were disruptive in design, architecture, music and society as a whole. The boundaries between legality and illegality were challenged and shifted up till today.
Also, in current times this is often a hazy zone and interpreted in different ways. Salle Privée has taken inspiration in this intriguing shifting interpretation as cultural and zeitgeist phenomenon and is launching two new powerful fragrances.

Both fragrances are created around the iconic classic in perfumery: vetiver grass. Vetiver grass is multifaceted and versatile, and always full of character. With both being a vetiver scent, you can also combine and layer the two to your liking very well! 


Remembering cult classics like 'American Psycho' and ‘La Grande Bellezza', in which the viewer is challenged to choose between two extremes. In case of LEGAL / ILLEGAL the nose is addressed in the same way. In a world full of morally ambiguous depictions of events, you, as the protagonist of your own life, are forced to define your duality. Let your choice in fragrance depend on your style, mood, and the occasion, or, let it slide between the two sides, and mix the vetiver scents to your liking.



ginger, cardamon, absinth, cashmere wood, geranium, leather, CBD (cannabidiol oil), vetiver, ambrette seed, guaiac wood


Salle Privée

The pursuit of perfection in a man's wardrobe. Patrick Munsters, oprichter en creative designer, zet zijn visie op tijdloosheid en stijl om in hoogwaardige parfums.

Salle Privée is an exceptionally luxury clothing brand carrying a line of timeless and classic items. The brand breathes quality and this is found in the eye for detail. The collection consists of iconic Italianmade clothes, which are the perfect base for the wardrobe for any stylish man. 

The same high-quality and eye for detail can be found in the fragrances. Each and one of them is made to accentuate ones personal style for him (and her!). 

The perfumes are all inspired by the seventies, where design, art, and architecture took on an innovative twist. Clean design, minimal, transparant, surprising. 
Perfume designer Tanja Deurloo of Annindriya developped the 5 fragrances in close cooperation with Patrick Munsters, the founder of Salle Privée.


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