Eau d Amsterdam

Eau d'Amsterdam

Amsterdam in a Bottle - Scent of the Canal Trees
"A good perfume takes you to another time and place. Eau d’Amsterdam will bring you to the canals of Amsterdam, where the elm trees blossom in springtime, spreading their seeds as natural confetti."

Welcome at the official online shopping site of Eau d'Amsterdam. We will pack your order with love and ship it to over 80 countries worldwide. So the scent of the elm trees can be enjoyed in any place, also outside Amsterdam!

Elm trees have defined Amsterdam’s cityscape for centuries, they are part of the Unesco World Heritage Site: the canal district of the historical city centre. We love the Elm trees: they bring nature to our city and tell us what season it is. And every spring we are amazed by the way they spread their seeds all over Amsterdam - like spring snow.

This magical natural phenomenon inspired us to create Eau d'Amsterdam, Scent of the Elm Trees. It is the first ever green perfume from the historical centre of Amsterdam: World Heritage in a Bottle.


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