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Unfortunately, Eau d'Amsterdam is not available until this spring.

The scent of Amsterdam in a bottle!

With 75,000 elm trees in the city, this is the natural scent of Amsterdam. Now for the first time their unique scent is captured in a perfume: Eau d'Amsterdam. It is the first ever green perfume from Amsterdam: World Heritage in a Bottle.

The elm trees have been here for centuries, as can be seen in the beautiful painting Keizersgracht at Molenpad ca. 1775 from Hendrik Keun (Collection of the Amsterdam Museum). This painting is also depicted on the packaging.
Artistic duo Saskia Hoogendoorn and Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands from Tijdmakers wanted to discover this natural scent to create an ode to the signature tree of Amsterdam and to support the art events of Amsterdam's spring celebration: Springsnow.

Annindriya scent experts in cooperation with IFF created Eau d'Amsterdam based on the scent of the elm leaves and elm wood. Creatively applying the amazing head-space analysis technique on natural elm woods and elm leaves to capture their olfactive profile.
The result? A sunny green woody scent: Eau d'Amsterdam!


Ulmus Hollandica: elm leaves accord, elm wood accord.


Eau d'Amsterdam

Amsterdam in a Bottle - Scent of the Canal Trees
"A good perfume takes you to another time and place. Eau d’Amsterdam will bring you to the canals of Amsterdam, where the elm trees blossom in springtime, spreading their seeds as natural confetti."

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Elm trees have defined Amsterdam’s cityscape for centuries, they are part of the Unesco World Heritage Site: the canal district of the historical city centre. We love the Elm trees: they bring nature to our city and tell us what season it is. And every spring we are amazed by the way they spread their seeds all over Amsterdam - like spring snow.

This magical natural phenomenon inspired us to create Eau d'Amsterdam, Scent of the Elm Trees. It is the first ever green perfume from the historical centre of Amsterdam: World Heritage in a Bottle.


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Customer Reviews

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Such a great dark green scent with a dry woody and mossy edge

"Great! A nice opportunity to enrich the Amsterdam experience with an olfactory aspect.
Such a great dark green scent with a dry woody and mossy edge representing the smell of Elms in Amsterdam.
Quite convincing - as if I could put my nose inside the tree and smell its wet green woodiness and the tree juice as well as the green veil of the first leaves. Does it make me feel of Amsterdam? Well, yes. And not only because of the Elms, but it also has the same green veil that I notice everywhere in Amsterdam - the greenish tint of channels, mossy touch on the stones and of course the trees..".

Sigrid K.
Eau de Amsterdam

I find it a very exciting scent. With nothing else to compare. Spicy unripe wood, very fresh and light but certainly not flat, on the contrary. Smells very natural. Can also be very good for men. I do miss a bit of "depth" in it, but that is perhaps because I often choose sweet heavy scents. I sometimes combine it with that. The packaging, and especially the inside of the box, is beautiful!

Umayya Abu-Hanna
Unique, fresh, sophisticated and modern perfume!

Eau D'Amsterdam is fresh, unisex, inviting and wonderful. Just like the city it relates to. The box and bottle are beautiful and people get to ask you: what are you wearing?

Mw. N. Honnebier

exquisite scent, never found anything like this before, reminds me of that movie Perfume. The perfect scent you would be looking for.

Eau d'Amsterdam


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