So, you don't have ten plus perfumes in your closet but like to keep them exciting? By wearing one fragrance in different ways of by creatively combining two or three fragrances you can create a whole set of fragrance experiences for yourself.
Also if you are a perfume lover with an extensive perfume wardrobe, you have periods or situations that you may only have a few perfume bottles at your disposal, for example when traveling. So how do you combine creatively?

Varying in quantity and method of application

The amount and the way in which you apply a perfume already gives different effects. Did you know, for example, that spraying on your skin or applying just a dab perfume with the fingertips really makes a difference in the scent experience? Try it out and you'll see. You start one day with a subtle spray, the next day with generous, decadent sprays or apply your perfume directly from the bottle to your skin. The volatile top notes will come to life more when you spray, while the depth of a fragrance will come across more when dabbing.

Hair, clothing and/or skin

skin cream - Perfume LoungeAnother big difference can be achieved when you use your fragrance in a different place or on a different carrier.
For a more modest and intimate effect, it is best to apply your perfume on the warmest parts of your skin, like a small, subtle spray behind your ears and/or on your chest. You can even apply a little on your wrists or inside of your elbow, so you can occasionally sniff yourself during the day.
For leaving a fragrant trail - this we call sillage - you can wear the perfume a bit more generously on your neck, bare legs, or the inside of your knees.

For a more subtle scent experience try applying your perfume on your hair and/or clothing. This way the perfume softly 'dances' around you, and the people around you, for a long time. On clothes you should always test a perfume on a nonvisible part of the fabric, to make sure it doesn't stain your favourite garment. Every time you move your hair, or when you move, you smell a hint of perfume again. From some brands there are even special, nourishing hair mists available with very little to no alcohol to not dry out your hair. Perfume linger longer in hair and on clothing than on the skin, because of its warmth your perfume evaporates faster. 

Perfume experience throughout the day

bath - Anita AustvikaAnother way is to wear your fragrance in 'stages'. For this, you start in the morning by mixing a few sprays of your favourite perfume in with your body lotion. This gives a gentle scent experience, during the day you can spray more for the desired concentration.

Combine more

An extra bonus you can achieve by 'layering' your perfume with an accompanying scented body lotion, the fragrance experience is more intense and the fragrance sticks longer to the skin.

How about a bath with your favorite fragrance? This is a delicious treat, just a few sprays in your bath water already has a great effect because of the warm water.

And last but not least, combining perfumes - wearing them on top of each other - makes you create a new perfume for yourself. You can experiment with different perfumes: read our blog Layer by layer we unravel the secret of 'layering'.