Do you sometimes wonder if you apply your perfume the right way?
Fear not, there are no hard rules on how to wear your perfume. We do have a few tips for you to enjoy optimally.

Where to apply perfume
Pulse areas
Perfumes need heat to show their best sides. So all places where it is warm, the so-called pulse points (where the blood vessels are closest to the surface), are good places.
Traditional tips: in the neck, behind the ears, on the wrists (this way you can smell a fragrance yourself too) and in your cleavage. More experimental spots, but at least as effective: your skin around and in the navel, the inside of your elbows and the back of the knees.

Hair and fragrance
Fragrance molecules 'stick' very well in hair. So for men in the chest hair and for those with longer hair, in your lush locks. Note that a lot of alcohol can dry out your hair. That is why some fragrances have hair mists without or with a low alcohol content.

How much perfume do you spray on?

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The concentration of a perfume determines its strength. We recommend spraying 2-4 times depending on how strong the concentration of the perfume is and how prominent you want to be. In most cases, less is more, you don't want to takeover the whole room when you enter somewhere. Getting a whiff of someone's perfume when you come closer to him of her is much more intimate.

When do you reapply perfume?
If you no longer smell your own perfume, your brain may no longer register the smell, but it might still be present. Therefore always ask someone else first if they smell anything. If not, you can spray on perfume again.

Should you rub a perfume?
Rubbing your perfume after spraying will make the fragrance warm up faster. The warmth accelerates the development of the fragrance on your skin. You will smell some of the top and heart notes faster. Spraying on a fragrance, letting it slowly warm up on the skin, and allowing it to evaporate at its own pace is best for a perfume.
But can you destroy the molecules? No, that is physically impossible. It is the balanced creation of the perfumer that is no longer intact, the molecules remain what they are.

Perfume on clothes
It is so lovely, the lingering scent of your favourite perfume on your scarf. Perfume stays on clothes for a long time. Be careful and test this first on a piece of fabric that is not in sight. If you are going to spray perfume on clothing, do this from a distance and preferably on the inside of the fabric.
Beware that perfume can leave stains on delicate fabrics such as wool and silk.

Be careful with jewelry, some materials can become dull or tarnished by perfume. Therefore, for example, put on your beautiful pearls once your perfume has dried a little.