Authentic Japanese perfumes by Japanese perfumer Satori Osawa.
In Europe Parfum Satori is available at the Annindriya Perfume Lounge in Amsterdam. You're welcome to visit our shop and experience Satori, Iris Homme, Wasanbonand Sakura, the first wonderful fragrances we imported to Europe.

In this vlog:

Introduction 0:00 - 0:25
Satori first and signature scent of Parfum Satori 0:26
What does Satori perfume smell like on the skin? 0:48
Sakura cherry blossom fragrance 1:06
What does Sakura smell like? 1:31
Perfumer's Soiree - Meet & Greet with Satori Osawa in Amsterdam 1:56
Iris Homme distinguished iris fragrance 2:22
What does Iris Homme smell like? 2:44
Iris Homme for men and women 3:00
Wasanbon delicate non-sticky gourmand perfume (sugar) 3:08
What does Wasanbon smell like on the skin? 3:33
Outro - visit us to sample these beautiful 4 creations 4:05