What are powdery perfumes?

Powder is not an ingredient but a feeling that can often be found in perfumes. Powdery scents often have something dry, soft and enveloping. Consider the smell (and feel!) of facial, baby, or talcum powder. Typical powdery perfumes leave the wearer feeling clean and cared for. But powdery can take different turns too, such as make-up, boudoir, the creamy sensuality of vanilla, or the slightly dirty notes of musk.

Which ingredients then create a powdery feeling?

A perfumer has many different ingredients at his / her disposal to create a powdery effect. Musk can be powdery, but flowers such as violet and heliotrope (small purple flower) have this feeling as well. Heliotropin is a synthetic molecule that smells powdery, soapy, fresh, almond, vanilla, tart but not pungent. And, of course, iris root gives a powdery, buttery, and silvery feeling. Tonka beans and vanilla also creates creamy, and enveloping scents .

Watch this vlog and get to know 4 completely different themes of powder:

In this Dutch but subtitled vlog, Tanja and Chester discuss 4 themes in powdery perfumes.

Theme 1 - Enveloping caress (starting at 0:36)

Teint de Neige - Lorenzo Villoresi, the queen of the powdery perfumes (starting at 0:42)

l’Ombre Rose - Jean-Charles Brosseau lighter, more floral (starting at 1:00)

Theme 2 - Vintage, Grand-poudreés (starting at 1:26)
Pois de Senteur - Caron from 1922, sweet pea (starting at 1:33)
Shem-el-Nessim - Grossmith from 1906, classical, powdery, a 'Perfume' (starting at 1:56)

Theme 3 - Boudoir & make-up (starting at 2:40)
Pourpre d’Automne - Maison Violet, make-up, elegant (starting at 2:54)
Poudre de Riz - Pierre Guillaume, face powder, colourful (starting at 3:12)

Theme 4 - Exciting & sensual  (starting at 3:43)
Geste - Humiecki & Graef, clean with an exiting twist (starting at 3:53)
l’Ombre Fauve - Pierre Guillaume, powder on a sexy amber base (starting at 4:22)

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