Lemon is perhaps the most famous citrus fruit. We often use her in the kitchen for her refreshing sour juice. In perfumes, the aromatic peel of the lemon is more often used for its characteristic fragrance.


What is the origin?

Lemons grow on a tree of the rue family   (Rutaceae). This tree grows all over the world. The ellipsoidal yellow fruit of the tree is used for culinary and non-culinary purposes.
The characteristic scent of a lemon comes mainly from the peel where most of the odor molecules are located. The fragrance molecules of citrus fruits are very volatile, meaning they are one of the first ingredients to dissipate in a perfume. That is why citrus is often used in the top of a perfume. You often find in perfumes the combination with pepper or vetiver to make the fresh character in a perfume last longer.

How does it smell?

Sour, aromatic, sweet undertones, bright, cheerful and lively.

Did you know?

- Because citrus fruits contain such volatile odor molecules, it is best to store perfumes with a lot of citrus in the refrigerator. Like Smile & Shine from The Zoo (which contains 3 types of Italian citrus fruits).
- Lemon is rich in vitamin C and therefore supports our immune system.
- In addition to the fruits, the leaves of the tree also spread a wonderfully aromatic scent. These leaves can be found in perfumes, but also in dishes, they give a slightly bitter-sour but especially aromatic taste.