Ambrette seed, also called musk seed, gives perfumes a musky scent. It smells rich, intense, animalic, and almost nutty.

hibiscus flower ambrette seedWhat is it?
Abelmoschus moschatus also called ambrette seed, is extracted from the hibiscus flower. An aromatic and medicinal plant of the Malvaceae family, native to India, tropical Asia, Northern Australia, Africa and Central and South America.

How does it smell?
The seed has a sweet, present scent, resembling musk compounds. It is a rich, sunny fragrance, with nuances of cognac, and tobacco, supported by subtle elements of sensual leather and animal notes in the dry-down.

How is it used in perfumes?
An absolute and aromatic oil can be extracted from the seeds of the hibiscus.
Ambrette seed is a very suitable fixative and is used by perfumers for its olfactory character as well as for its fixing power. This also makes it a natural replacement for synthetic musks. It enhances the natural quality of the ingredients and ensures a long-lasting effect on the skin.