We so much look forward presenting you the launch of Tubereuse Organique, the latest The Zoo fragrance. Two inspiring experts will join us: master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel and bartender & agave specialist David Trampe. They will take us into the world of scent, taste, agave and tuberose.

  • Did you know that tuberose is actually an agave species? 
  • How is the best tequila made: from agave to bottle? 
  • What happens when you use different kinds of tequila in fragrances? We will smell, and taste, the differences.
  • Do you also think the scent of natural tuberose is highly intriguing? And how it was reconstructed from ingredients Christophe will bring.

We will finish the evening with a tequila-scent cocktail to celebrate the Tubereuse Organique launch.

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You will receive your entrance fee reimbursed as a discount upon purchasing a Christophe Laudamiel perfume during this event (The ZooHumiecki & Graef and strangelove.)

Christophe Laudamiel

 David Trampe


Special thanks to Arette Tequila!