Award-winning perfumes

award-winning perfumes

Like movies and music recordings, there are awards in the perfume industry. 
We like to highlight the beauties from our collection that were rewarded for their innovation, daring creation, or balanced formula. Through this blog you can make a first acquaintance with these gems, all of which are unique in their own way.

Art and Olfaction Awards

The Art and Olfaction Awards was founded in 2013 as an independent awards mechanism in order to celebrate innovation and experimentation in scents and excellence in artisan and independent perfumes. It is a program by the non-profit Los Angeles based ‘The Institution of Art and Olfaction’.

Ganymede 100 and 30 ml

Ganymede - Marc-Antoine Barrois
This perfume has won several prizes. It won the Fragrance Foundation UK and France awards and also the Art and Olfaction awards, all in 2020!
Perfumer Quentin Bisch created this fragrance for and with fashion designer Marc-Antoine Barrois. Mandarin and osmanthus give this soft suede perfume a sparkling touch. A modern and timeless perfume with a stellar longevity.
Hyde - Hiram Green
Winner of the Artisan Art & Olfaction Awards 2019.
Deep, dark, and unusual - smokey and warm - Hyde is a powerful perfume that although at first sniff may be perceived quite strong, it draws you in and carries you to its seductive depths. We are happy to represent Hiram Green and his amazing perfumes.

Club Design

Club Design / Scent Tattoo - THE ZOO
Winner of the 2018 Art and Olfaction awards is this perfume by Christophe Laudamiel. A sexy leather fragrance, combining notes of grapefruit, black currant and woods. This creation was released under two different names, but some people swear they smell a difference between them. Have you tried them both?

Fathom V - BeauFort London
Also in 2017 won in the Independent category Fathom V from BeauFort London. The ever-changing state of the sea - in constant motion between calm and wild - is the starting point in this perfume. Salt meets earth, sparkling spices mingle with dark mosses, bright flowers meet intense dark spices and pepper. A really exciting perfume, you imagine yourself in a flower shop.
Ashoka - Neela Vermeire Creations
Winner of the Art and Olfaction Independent Award 2014, Ashoka is beautiful blend of creamy fig, lotus , green notes, white flowers, vetiver, tonka beans, sandalwood and, osmanthus, among many things. It’s fresh, delicately cheerful and at the same time romantic.

Fragrance Foundation Hall of Fame 


Fracas - Robert Piguet
Talking about an iconic perfume. This 1948 game-changer is the coveted jewel in the crown of the Robert Piguet collection. Legendary perfumer Germaine Collier wanted to create a scent that would make its wearer feel like a true bombshell. Opulent tuberose and jasmine blends with creamy notes; Fracas is dark and luscious.
The unrivaled artistry and legacy has earned Fracas a position in the Fragrance Foundation Hall of Fame - something to be very proud of - Fracas has over time become the reference for all tuberose perfumes.

French perfume awards

Since France has this century-old tradition of fragrance making, a French perfume award is very prestigious and therefore should be considered a great honour. 

Tabac Tabou Fifi award

Tabac Tabou - Parfum d'Empire
Tabac Tabou won the award in 2016 in the niche perfumes category of Fragrance Foundation France. Perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticciato of Parfum d'Empire created this beautiful scent where the aromatic notes of tobacco leaf are central. He used the tobacco harvest of one year only, with this he shows that perfume ingredients are subject to the weather conditions of a particular year. The difference in the perfume batch from the 2016 and 2017 is minimal but noticeable. With Tabac Tabou Marc-Antoine presents an interesting challenge for all perfumers, how to keep a perfume constant throughout all years. 

Corsica Furiosa - Parfum d'Empire 
The year before, Marc-Antoine Corticciato won with Corsica Furiosa the Fragrance Foundation France Fifi Award in the niche perfumes category. With this he proves that he, as classically trained perfumer, knows what he is doing and knows how to make beautiful layered creations. Corsica Furiosa is one of our personal favorites for its crisp, green character. Marc-Antoine created this by using lentisque. A plant that grows in Corsica and has a bright green, aromatic scent.

Number One Intense

Number One - Nicolaï Paris
In 1988 Patricia de Nicolaï’s high standard of work was recognized when she was awarded the international prize for 'Best Young Creative Perfumer' by the French Society of Perfumers, for her debut fragrance Number One.
Patricia has since then constantly been pushing boundaries in the world of perfumes. Next to being the president of one of the world’s leading perfume museums; The Osmoteque in Versailles.
Number One is a big slightly green floral. Opulent, full and seductive filled with that ‘eighties perfume-power’. Tuberose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, galbanum, and musks are among the top ingredients that attribute to this beautiful floral bouquet.
We hope you enjoyed reading about these award-winning perfumes, and we invite you to come and smell them at the Perfume Lounge.