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Happy, sunny and warm, very summery!

Luca Turin was right in defining Azemour as a 5 stars perfume in his book Perfumes: 2018.

Quote in review on Parfum d'Empire - Azemour of Bois de Jasmin:
"Azemour is easy to wear and has the casual feel of a citrus cologne which makes it equally appropriate for both men and women. It feels uplifting on a winter morning and refreshing on a balmy summer evening. Like other Parfum d'Empire fragrances, it has great lasting power on me - the citrusy brightness wears off quickly, but the moss and musk linger on my skin for hours. Whatever the changes that I experience from Azemour, one thing remains constant, from shimmering top to the languid drydown, it's an elegant and polished perfume. Azemour is deliciously salty and savory. When the composition opens up on the peppery leaves and bergamot, I imagine a watercress salad tossed with lemon juice and green olive oil. Once the composition reaches its mossy drydown, it has a saline brightness that reminds me of thin focaccia covered with crunchy salt flakes. The beauty of Azemour is that while it suggests a gourmand impression, it never registers as a foody perfume."


citrus, mandarine, orange, coriander, cumin, back pepper, pink pepper


Parfum d'Empire

A beautiful collection of eau de parfums for both women and men, which tell stories from the scented memories of different cultures.
Parfum d'Empire is the independent brand of quality perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato. Built around authentic and rare ingredients Parfum d'Empire has been building connections between the symbolic values of perfume since 2003. The brand name refers to that noble and rare raw materials loved by ancient civilizations. A wonderful collection Eau de Parfums both for women and men, which narrate memories from different cultures.
Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, of Corsican origin, is born in Morocco. His childhood and youth was divided between the Moroccan countryside - on the land of his parents, in the midst of their citrus plantation - and the Corsican maquis, in the family house in the French town Cuttoli Corticchiato. 
He studied chemical analysis of fragrant plants and attended the prestigious perfumers education ISIPCA at Versailles.
In addition to the creation and management of Parfum d'Empire, he is also a teacher for novice perfumers at ISIPCA. Demanding as he is in the choice of natural plant extracts, he set up a production unit of essential oils in 2000 in Madagascar, which he often visits.


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Heerlijk! Voor mij een geur als een soul mate.

Eerst een korte uitbarsting van een fris, sappige maar natuurlijke Citrus geur. Het parfum veranderd snel naar iets pittiger, kruidiger en donkerder geur. De Citrus tonen blijven aanwezig tijdens de hele levensduur van de geur maar niet overheersend. De geur heeft ook een fluwelige zachtheid. Het doet me denken aan een warme, zachte zeewind waar de geuren van Citrus en kruidig hooi op mee worden gevoerd.
Dit is het zomerparfum waar ik naar zocht. Desalniettemin kan ik de verleiding van het ontdekken niet weerstaan sinds ik de parfums van Annindriya heb leren kennen. Parfums met herkenbare natuurlijke geurakkoorden die samen iets onverwachts en magisch vormen.

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