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MOLéCULE 234.38 versterkt je eigen geur, een persoonlijke aura, intimiteit en 'togetherness'.

Molecule 234.38 is een minimalistisch geur, ontwikkeld vanuit een abstracte, Deense designvisie.
Het parfum bestaat slechts uit enkele moleculen, die bij iedereen op de huid anders tot hun recht komen. Molecule 234.38 heeft een puur en subtiel effect, ietwat richting amber en blond hout.
Prachtig om puur te dragen, maar ook spannend in combinatie met andere parfums. Zie het als een layering van geur voor een persoonlijk effect.

Quote Zarko over Molécule 234.38 "It is your aura. Intensive like never before. It is a creation that resembles more of a phenomenon than a scent. The creation involves no essential oils whatsoever and contains a large molecule that Zarko found by chance - as often happens in important discoveries. The magic of this molecule is that its composition and weight is consistent with that of the skin and its environment. The body thus exerts a direct influence on the components of the fragrance - its condition, but also the mental state influence in this way a very individual olfactory expression.This large and skin-like molecule is bound to a smaller molecule, so that the scent shimmers, iridesces and again shows new variations of its theme. "Molécule 234.38" enters into an affair with its wearer and responds to the physical and mental condition but also affects the wearer in turn so that a reciprocal relationship is established. After 10 hours, the compound of molecules dissolves. The individual scent created throughout the day on the wearer's skin resonates for a long time after."


molecule 234.38



Handmade and bottled in Danmark. 

De uit Denemarken afkomstige Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov maakt geuren die de Scandinavische lifestyle vertegenwoordigen, het klimaat en de geest van zijn land – strak design, fris en minimalistisch.

Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov: "It took me more than five years of studying and experimenting to fulfill my dream as a perfumer in creating a line of fragrances that captures and reflects the incomparable Scandinavian lifestyle, climate and spirit. The fusion of molecules with classic French perfumes has always been my passion but it is my endeavor to combine them into a unique fragrance that matches the Nordic temperament. Today I am the first and only perfumer in Denmark. The development and manufacture of a great scent involves not only hard work but implicates a lifelong process of learning"


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Molecule zarko23438

Beste molecule!
Als toefje op vele edp! Mvg Joke Helthuis

Molecule 234.38

Super perfume better than the essence! Hard to come by, I think that you are one of the few! We are living near the German border and the Hassadeur in Munster sells this brand, only they don't have this one! We keep ordering because we live so far away! Have been with you once and this was really great! What knowledge do you have in-house! Too bad that we are not to be able to come by once a month! Online is also very easy I love to keep updated of new scents. Recently, I saw the new summer barley that smells like the Amber solaire from 1958 In the newsletter, Sounds great to me !!! Pure association with this beach air! If we are in the area we will definitely come by to sniff the other novelties. Greetings Joke Helthuis

Perfect for every occasion

This perfume is fresh, interesting due to the changing layers, and especially unique!

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