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Cheers! Cheerful and sparkling perfume with citrus and lees, carried by a light powder note of iris, musk, and wood in the base.

Salute! is a tribute to the vineyards in Corsica and the hospitality of the people. The perfume takes its name from the traditional drink of the island. To capture this sparkling tradition, Marc-Antoine used a chord of vine leaves and lees (sediment in wine) which give the perfume a rose and eau-de-vie facet, an innovative chord that we have never seen before in perfume.
The addition of citrus notes makes the fragrance bubbling and cheerful. The ingredient iris refers to the 'angel's share', the alcohol part that evaporates from a wooden barrel while the drink is maturing. The wood and the musk in the base give fullness and warmth, as in a good wine.

Perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has used the island of Corsica as inspiration for all the fragrances of Parfum d'Empire. With the L'Heritage Corse collection, he portrays various facets of Corsica in their pure form.

Quote from Marc-Antoine Corticchiato:
"I love the bond with the earth, with the terroir and its energy, expressed by Corsican vineyards. And I've always wanted to explore the connection between wines and fragrances. While composing SALUTE !, I was reminded of my grandfather who, like many farmers at the time, produced his own wine He stocked it in huge demijohns in smoky glass covered with wicker, which he stored in his cellar Hence the earthy notes of the fragrance But I wanted them to be airy, to evoke the angels' share. I also had to clean in an overdose or wine treble extract, a material I love though it's hard to control. I tamed it with sparkling Corsican citrus oils. "


lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, lees, vine leaves, iris, oakmoss, oak, musk


Parfum d'Empire

A beautiful collection of eau de parfums for both women and men, which tell stories from the scented memories of different cultures.
Parfum d'Empire is the independent brand of quality perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato. Built around authentic and rare ingredients Parfum d'Empire has been building connections between the symbolic values of perfume since 2003. The brand name refers to that noble and rare raw materials loved by ancient civilizations. A wonderful collection Eau de Parfums both for women and men, which narrate memories from different cultures.
Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, of Corsican origin, is born in Morocco. His childhood and youth was divided between the Moroccan countryside - on the land of his parents, in the midst of their citrus plantation - and the Corsican maquis, in the family house in the French town Cuttoli Corticchiato. 
He studied chemical analysis of fragrant plants and attended the prestigious perfumers education ISIPCA at Versailles.
In addition to the creation and management of Parfum d'Empire, he is also a teacher for novice perfumers at ISIPCA. Demanding as he is in the choice of natural plant extracts, he set up a production unit of essential oils in 2000 in Madagascar, which he often visits.


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