Pierre Guillaume Paris

Bouquet Massai

eau de parfum



A radiant and worthy retake of the beloved PG 10!

Despite the fact that Bouquet Massai is a retake, it has a totally different character then its big sister Aomassai, PG 10. Where Aomassai is dry, heavy and bitter sweet, Bouquet Massai is a sensual, radiant floriental (a floral perfume with oriental influences). First you smell a slight coffee-like chord followed by a luxourious bouquet of flowers, including piony, magnolia and karo karounde. This is on a base of soft fruits, sandalwood and tolu balm.

Looking at the ingredients a few ones stand out as unusual. For example karo karounde, tolu balm and cashmeran. Let us enlighten you with some facts. Karo Karounde is a fragrant white flowering shrub originating from Africa. The scent of the flowers are quite similar to gardenia and jasmine. Tolu balm is a resin, rich in essential oil coming from the Myroxylon tree. This tree grows in Mid and South America and its balm has a fresh and sweet feel. Cashmeran is a synthetic ingredient also known as 'blond wood' it has a musky-woody scent, lightly spicy, lightly powdery.
Did these ingredients tickle your imagination? We have a tester of Bouquet Massai in our shop, so you can come in, smell it and be inspired by this floriental fragrance.


peony, magnolia, karo karounde, coffee, cashmeran, sandalwood, tolu balm, fruit


Pierre Guillaume Paris

Formerly known as Parfumerie Generale.

Pierre Guillaume's creations all have a strong identity and signature. He does not compromise and is totally independent, working from his atelier in Clermont-Ferrand. On the other hand, his fragrances never become too intellectual or avant-garde, and they are always very wearable.

One of the innovative techniques Pierre uses in his creations, is a process called Photo-affinage or photo refining, the flattening of olfactory peaks through ultra-violet rays. This technique gives his fragrances that characteristic liveliness in Cozé or that melancholic touch in L'Eau Circé for instance.


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