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Le Musc et La Peau

eau de parfum


"My perfumes need skin to express themselves, they mean nothing without it." aldus Pierre Guillaume.

Le Musc et la Peau, 04.1 is een perfect voorbeeld van Pierre Guillaume’s ‘ReWork’ collectie. Musc Maori 04 was een sensuele studie van melkachtige musk met veel chocola. In Le Musc et la Peau, laat Pierre Guillaume de chocola achterwege en draait het om het sensuele melkachtige akkoord van witte musk, met zachte, delicate bloemen en warme hout tonen.
Een zweem van vanille en tonkabean verwijst naar het volle gourmand karakter van 04; in 04.1 geeft het een gevoel van warme huid.

Le Musc et la Peau, is een echte ‘skin scent’ (‘your skin but better’)
Het een heerlijk sensueel parfum om zo te dragen en ook een hele mooie, warme basis om te layeren met frisse, bloemige en kruidige parfums.

Ook Juraj van BL’eauOG heeft een mooie review over Le Musc & La Peau geschreven: "Le Musc & La Peau is a molecular masterpiece. What I like in numbered collection of his is the combination of natural raw materials with refined, soft molecules." 


bergamot, aldehyde, rozemarijn melk, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, ceder, tonkabeans, ambroxide, melk van musk


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Such an indescribably wonderful scent ..... wants to keep spraying all day .....
Makes me enormously happy and I feel extra "dressed" if I wear 4.1 .........
Have already ordered 4 bottles .......

A perfect musc even for non-musc lovers

As a lover of green, zesty, spicy and woody perfumes, I was not expecting to like this. And in fact I LOVE it. The dry down is simply deliciously soft and the other notes take this out of a typical musc vibe. I don't care for amber in fragrances but this scent has actually made me appreciate it in small doses and enhances the depth of the musc. It's gorgeous on its own and as a great layer to add to other fragrances. (It does wonders on woody scents, vetiver in particular.) The longevity is pretty great for a softer silage fragrance, I can still pick it up on sweaters 2 days later. Projection is soft and intimate but more than a skin scent. If you're a musc lover this is a must try, and if you've never found a musc you like, give this a sniff. I'm now a very happy convert!!! And bless the ladies at Perfume Lounge for their knowledge, patience, and suggestions! Thank you!

beautiful musk

Delicious soft fluffy musk. It wasn't Clair de musc SL for me (too soapy) but this I find delicious, not too floral or animalic, nice for spring. A real skin scent, so little sillage .... You really wear this scent for yourself!

Sexy musk

Musc & Peau is an adaptation of Musc Maori. In the opening a fresh musk and aldehydes with a citrus chord. I will also smell ylang and something aromatic. Can't say if this is the rosemary but it smells nice. like warm skin, sweet musky and soft floral. Great fragrance!

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