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Comfortable, seductive and unusual. The name is a wordplay of feline and vanilla. Pierre Guillaume beautifully combines the fullness of vanilla with a wilder (animalic) intimate and seductive base note. The vanilla is combined with the camphor-like saffron, the absolute of wheat. Wrapped in amber and woods.

From a review on Olfactoria's Travels: "As the name suggests, Felanilla is supposed to be an animalic vanilla. For me, that is a spot-on description. It has a presence without being overwhelming, it is elegant and smooth, it is a bit dangerous, it is sweet, but not like a confection and it has a furry, soft quality that makes the vanilla so interestingly alive. It feels capable of hissingly showing its claws or purring contentedly, depending on how it is treated. It is a fragrance that makes me smile.
And purr a little…or growl, depending on how I am treated."

Review by The Non-Blonde: "It starts with a lovely and creamy wood note, something that Guillaume is an expert in weaving. The vanilla part is there almost from the start, but no matter how rich it is, Felanilla is not a gourmand. I want to bury my nose in it, but not really eat it. The drydown lasts forever and smells velvety and warm. It's seductive but not vulgar, and despite the animalic, almost fur-like feel (as in fur on a purring live animal) there's no skank in Felanilla."


saffraan, vanille, iris, bananenblad, hooi, amber


Pierre Guillaume Paris

Formerly known as Parfumerie Generale.

Pierre Guillaume's creations all have a strong identity and signature. He does not compromise and is totally independent, working from his atelier in Clermont-Ferrand. On the other hand, his fragrances never become too intellectual or avant-garde, and they are always very wearable.

One of the innovative techniques Pierre uses in his creations, is a process called Photo-affinage or photo refining, the flattening of olfactory peaks through ultra-violet rays. This technique gives his fragrances that characteristic liveliness in Cozé or that melancholic touch in L'Eau Circé for instance.


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Customer Reviews

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A unisex dirty vanilla

This is my first Pierre Guillaume which I was drawn to as the vanilla is dark and very unusual.

At first the fragrance starts with a very strong iris lead, slightly cold and powdery, then after 10 minutes comes a spicy undercurrent. Leave it some time and you will get a rare vanilla note that is not sweet and feminine but more pure and exotic. The safron comes through to balance the iris and gives the vanilla a kind of nice 'dirty' vanilla refinement. The amber warms up the cold of the iris and the fragrance becomes quiet sensual after about 15 minutes.

This is an unusual fragrance that to me is very unisex, maybe even more masculine. It reminds me of opening a very old box of precious finds; vanilla, saffron, amber - you blow off the powdery, dusty iris away and then the warmer magic begins.

Projection is average, dies to a skin scent after about 3-4 hours on me but lingers on clothing for a good 8-12 hours.

A great fragrance if you want to break the trends and wear an unusual fragrance that is not quiet gourmand and definitely not a girly. Autumn and winter may be the best time to wear. Evening over day. Beautiful bottle and packaging.

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